Personal Health Interfaces Leveraging HUman-MAchine Natural interactionS

The goal of the PhilHumans project is to train a next generation of young researchers (Early Stage Researcher) in innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and establish user interaction with their personal health devices in an advanced and intuitive way. The project will explore cutting-edge research topics related to AI-supported human-machine interfaces for personal health services.

PhilHuman's Objectives
Overview of the research

- Semantic web
- Natural language understanding
- Sentiment & emotion detection
- Multilinguality support

- Natural language generation
- Insights mining
- Creation of summaries and specific content

- Computer Vision & Machine Learning
- Context / Action / Object Recognition & Anticipation
- Facial Analysis for emotions understanding
- Body Pose Analysis
- First Person (Egocentric) Vision

- Conversational interfaces for home healthcare, chat bots, Q&A
- Integration of clinical knowledge, guidelines, data analytics, and counselling knowhow

- Application and exploitation of industrial use cases
- EU business plans development
- Economic technological aspects

Early Stage Researchers


Fellow’s individual research projects

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