Business economics and robotics

Hiring Institution

R2M Solution Spain SL

PhD enrollment

Doctoral School of the University of Cagliari

YOUR TEAM: You will work at R2M Solution in Spain (Madrid).

GOAL: The goal of this combined Business Economics and Information Technology thesis is to study and exploit business development plans in the EU market, and economic technological aspects of AI-supported human-machine interfaces for personal health services, with a specific focus in Robotics for personal health and Carebots. The PhD researcher will explore exploitation routes and market implementation of industrial use cases relate to artificial intelligence, human-machine interactions and robotics in the context of EU. The candidate will leverage the outcomes of the other PhilHumans ESRs by identifying the innovation level and market potential of the technological innovations that arise from those efforts. More precisely, by pinning down specific use case scenarios one can study and measure the market potential of PhilHumans innovations, with the purpose of defining comprehensive business development plans and business models. Particular attention will be devoted to the route to market, the analysis of public opinion stance and evolution about robots and –generally speaking- human/machine interactions.

Expected Results: 

  • Conceptualize of business models and plans,
  • Create concept strategic plan (road map),
  • Analyse potential market and trends in EU for Robotics and human/robotics interaction
  • Gather information that is required to take strategic decisions,
  • Define PhilHumans services and issues (infrastructure, revenue stream, maintenance, development, innovation, and continuous improvement),
  • Analyse different perspectives of technological aspects and governance (technology, innovation, co‐innovation).
  • Analyse social networks and traditional media coverage data, obtain country-specific measures of the project results acceptance by public opinion.

Essential requirements

  • Degree in economics, business and management with major in mathematics, engineering, computer science or equivalents or the other way around (e.g. degree in mathematics, eng., computer science or equivalents and major in economics).
  • Please check the Call for Requirements

Desired requirements

  • Programming Skills
  • Passionate about robotics
  • Knowledge of marketing and digital marketing

Principal Investigator: Prof. Maria Chiara Di Guardo (UNICA)
Industrial PhD Supervisors: Raymond Sterling (R2M) and Rubén Alonso (R2M),
Industrial PhD co-Supervisors: Riccardo Puglisi (R2M) and Aki Harma (PHILIPS)

Main contact: Raymond Sterling

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